fediverse today radio

Welcome to Fediverse Today Radio. A simulcast, multicast and podcast variety show featuring music, writing, art and news from the Fediverse.

We are currently producing the first episodes. If you wish to help or contribute in any way including being a simulcast premiere platform, mjusic, writings, visuals, or even a patron please email feditoday at tuta dot io or contact @controlfreak@mastodon.art

FTR will be broadcast and published from the fedi to the fedi and fedi friendly platforms. We are aligning days, times and the broadcast platforms that will be involved.

The show will be an audio collage format and hopefully enjoyably weave a tapestry of sound, imagery, photography, narration of micro fiction and poetry, featured music, micro interviews, micro reviews, all from fediverse artists. It is intended that at least most episodes will have a full imagery and video as simulcast premiere will include video as will archive storage.

You will be most welcome to rebroadcast on your open platforms. All original content from FTR is CC-BY-NC-SA but to respect the contributors' mixed licenses the show itself is CC-BY-NC-ND. Any artists listed in the episode notes without a specific CC license noted have granted FTR permission for use in our FTR show format only. Please attribute using the episode notes here or in our media repository to help promote our fediverse artists and do refer to show notes for any artist exceptions to respect their wishes.

This blog will be the root repository for episode notes and links for each and every contributor. I'm using this as a great way to find and re-find cool stuff we have right here in the verse, hopefully you will come along for the ride and support our kick ass creators and communities.

Episode audio archive channel: @feditoday@open.audio

Episode video archive channel: https://video.hackers.town/c/feditoday

Show Masto: @feditoday@mastodon.art

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the reality of some coins to rub together... if you can help, we always donate a small amount for obtaining music and writings and hope to do more as we grow. to specifically help in this respect and with running costs: https://opencollective.com/feditoday

To specifically help the producer who is out of pocketing the above etc: https://liberapay.com/control

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